Change Notice 02-023

Issue Date: 06/06/02


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Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 0312 08/28/95 IMC 0312 06/06/02
2. IMC 1220 09/08/02 IMC 1220 06/06/02
3. IP 83750 03/15/94 ---- ----
4. IP 84850 09/17/01 IP 84850 06/06/02
5. IP 87111 06/11/98 IP 87111 06/06/02
6. IP 87111, App A 06/18/02 IP 87111, App A 06/06/02
7. IP 87111, App B 06/11/98 IP 87111, App B 06/06/02
8. IP 87114 06/11/98 IP 87114 06/06/02
9. IP 87114, App A 06/18/99 IP 87114, App A 06/06/02
10. IP 87114, App B 06/11/99 IP 87114, App B 06/06/02
11. IP 87117 05/07/98 IP 87117 06/06/02
12. IP 87117, App A 06/18/99 IP 87117, App A 06/06/02
13. IP 87117, App B 05/07/98 IP 87117, App B 06/06/02


No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.


IMC 0312 (Technical Assistance for Radiation Safety Inspections at Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities and Materials Licensees' Site) has been revised to clarify the program needs of NMSS and to provide clear instruction to inspectors on information that is needed for the quarterly fee billing documents.

IMC 1220 Processing of NRC Form 241, "Report of Proposed Activities in Non-Agreement States, Areas of Exclusive Federal Jurisdiction, and Offshore Waters," and Inspection of Agreement State Licensees Operating Under 10 CFR 150.20

IMC 1220 Appendix I, Procedures and Guidelines For Processing NRC Form 241

IMC 1220 Appendix II, Procedures Letter to be Sent to Licensees With Procedures and Information For filing NRC Form 241

IMC 1220 Appendix III, Inspection of Agreement State Licensees

This document has been revised for clarity and to provide instruction for information to be submitted to NRC for the initial filing of NRC Form 241 and when requesting a revision to NRC Form 241.

IP 83750 (Occupational Radiation Exposure) has been deleted from the IMC 2800, "Materials Inspection Program." The requirements of this procedure for that program have been incorporated into the IP 87100-series of procedures being revised by the IMC 2800 Working Group. This procedure is still valid for use with IMC 2561, "Decommissioning Power Reactor Inspection Program."

IP 84850 (Radioactive Waste Management - Inspection of Waste Generator Requirements of 10 CFR Part 20 and 10 CFR Part 61) has been revised to clarify the guidance.

IP 87111, "Materials Processor/Manufacturer Programs"

IP 87111, Appendix A, "Materials Processor/Manufacturer Inspection Record"

IP 87111, Appendix B, "Materials Processor/Manufacturer Inspection References"

The above procedure and appendices have been revised to clarify guidance.

IP 87114, "Fixed and Portable Gauge Programs"
IP 87114, Appendix A, "Fixed and Portable Gauge Inspection Record"
IP 87114, Appendix B, "Fixed and Portable Gauge Inspection References"

The above procedures have been revised for clarity and to delete obsolete references to FY 2000.

IP 87117, "Radiopharmacy Programs"
IP 87117, Appendix A, "Radiopharmacy Inspection Record"
IP 87117, Appendix B, Radiopharmacy Inspection References"

The above procedures have had editorial changes made for clarification, and requirements to review extremity dosimeters were added.



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