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Change Notice 02-021

Issue Date: 04/29/02


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Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 0610* 02/27/01 IMC 0612 04/29/02


Training requirements are being provided at the regional resident counterpart meetings.


IMC 0612 (Power Reactor Inspection Reports) is issued to address updated documentation requirements of the revised Reactor Oversight Process (ROP). This new Inspection Manual Chapter replaces the reporting requirements for NRR previously identified in Inspection Manual Chapter 0610*. This revision changes the manner in which findings are documented, deletes "no color" findings and deletes the requirements to add licensee identified violations to the PIM. Other Major changes involve re-formatting several sections within IMC 0612 for clarity, providing an example inspection report (to be issued separately), re-structuring and revising the thresholds for documentation (Appendix B), providing numerous new examples of minor violations in Appendix E and providing a revised format for documenting findings.

It also provides for additional consistency in documentation by: (1) providing additional definitions (2) improving the guidance on what constitutes minor significance, (3) specifically defining where various types of items belong within the inspection report, (4) incorporating several boilerplate paragraphs where applicable, and (5) numerous editorial changes.



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