Change Notice 02-009

Issue Date: 03/18/02


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1. IMC 0609, App A 02/05/01 IMC 0609, App A 03/18/02
TRAINING: Training for this revision to IMC 0609, Appendix A, will consist of providing the staff with a self-study guide. The self-study guide will contain two parts. The first part is a quick start guide to the changes. The second part is a series of examples to be worked to demonstrate the usage rules. Training will be provided in the regions to all staff at their next counterpart meeting after issuance of this revision.
REMARKS: IMC 0609, Appendix A (Significance Determination of Reactor Inspection Findings For At-Power Situations) has been revised: 1) to correct identified problems with the appendix, 2) to incorporate the rules for using the site specific risk-informed inspection notebook, 3) to simplify the process of accounting for external initiators in characterizing the risk significant inspection findings, and 4) to provide guidance on evaluating concurrent inspection findings.


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