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Issue Date: 11/2/01


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1. 9900 Tech Guidance
12/12/00 9900 Tech Guidance
TRAINING: Training on this revision to the NOED will be WEB-based individual self-study type. It will be prepared by DLPM and the regions will be notified when it is ready for use, which is expected to be in early December 2001.
REMARKS: 9900 TECHNICAL GUIDE (Operations - Notices of Enforcement Discretion) has been revised. The staff criteria for granting of any "regular" NOED (as differentiated from a "weather-related" NOED) continues to be that the NOED condition is safety neutral. In the previous revision to the staff NOED guidance dated December 12, 2000, and as transmitted by RIS 2001-10, dated April 2, 2001, we clarified the difference between "regular" and "severe weather" NOEDs. In doing so, we prefaced the Section A.2.1 discussion on "regular" NOEDs with the statement: "Granting of this type of a NOED shall not involve an increase in radiological risk." This was not intended to be a change from our previous requirement that such NOEDs must be at least safety/risk neutral. However, because it was a new statement and was not explained adequately, it was subject to misinterpretation and caused some confusion. This revision clarifies the staff intent. There are a number of other changes that are administrative and editorial.


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