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Issue Date: 09/20/01


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TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: The following inspection procedures were associated with the previous inspection program for operating reactors and have been replaced with new procedures associated with the new Reactor Oversight Process Inspection Program. Therefore, since these procedures are no longer associated with an active inspection program, they are being archived.

IP 35701, "Quality Assurance Program Review"
IP 35702, "Inspection of Quality Verification Function"
IP 35703, "Graded Quality Assurance"
IP 35750, "QA Program Measuring and Test Equipment"
IP 36800, "Organization"
IP 37700, "Design Changes and Modifications" IP 37701, "Facility Modifications"
IP 37702, "Design Changes and Modifications Program"
IP 37703, "Tests and Experiments Program"
IP 37828, "Installation and Testing of Modifications"
IP 38701, "Procurement Program"
IP 38702, "Receipt, Storage, and Handling of Equipment and Materials Program"
IP 39701, "Records Program"
IP 39702, "Document Control Program"
IP 40501, "Licensee Self-Assessments Related to Team Inspections"
IP 40702, "Audit Program"
IP 40703, "Offsite Support Staff"
IP 40704, "Implementation, Audit Program"
IP 55150, "Weld Verification Checklist"
IP 56700, "Calibration"
IP 61700, "Surveillance Procedures and Records"
IP 61701, "Complex Surveillance"
IP 61702, "Surveillance of Core Power Distribution Limits"
IP 61725, "Surveillance Testing and Calibration Control Program"
IP 62001, "Boric Acid Corrosion Prevention Program"
IP 64100, "Postfire Safe Shutdown, Emergency Lighting and Oil Collection Capability at Operating and Near-Term Operating Reactor Facilities"
IP 64150, "Triennial Postfire Safe Shutdown Capability Reverification"
IP 65051, "Low-Level Radioactive Waste Storage Facilities"
IP 71500, "Balance of Plant Inspection"
IP 71711, "Plant Startup From Refueling"
IP 71714, "Cold Weather Preparations"
IP 72700, "Startup Testing - Refueling"
IP 79501, "LWR Water Chemistry Control and Chemical Analysis - Audits"
IP 79502, "Plant Systems Affecting Plant Water Chemistry"
IP 79701, "LWR Water Chemistry and Chemical Analysis - Program"
IP 80521, "Radiological Environmental Monitoring (Preoperational and Supplemental)"IP 80721, "Radiological Environmental Monitoring" IP 81001, "Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation(s)"
IP 81401, "Plans, Procedures, and Reviews"
IP 81403, "Receipt of New Fuel at Reactor Facilities"
IP 81431, "Fixed Site Physical Protection of Special Nuclear Material of Low Strategic Significance"
IP 82201, "Emergency Detection and Classification"
IP 82202, "Protective Action Decision Making"
IP 82203, "Notifications and Communications"
IP 82205, "Shift Staffing and Augmentation"
IP 82206, "Knowledge and Performance Duties (Training)"
IP 82207, "Dose Calculation and Assessment"

IP 83522, "Radiation Protection, Plant Chemistry, Radwaste, and Environmental: Organization and Management Controls"
IP 83523, "Radiation Protection, Plant Chemistry, Radwaste, Transportation
and Environmental: Training and Qualifications"
IP 83524, "External Occupational Exposure Control and Personal Dosimetry (Preoperational and Supplemental)"
IP 83525, "Internal Exposure Control and Assessment (Preoperational and
IP 83526, "Control of Radioactive Materials and Contamination, Surveys, and
Monitoring (Preoperational and Supplemental)"
IP 83527, "Facilities and Equipment (Preoperational and Supplemental)"
IP 83722, "Radiation Protection, Plant Chemistry, and Radwaste: Organization and Management Controls (Minimum/Basic)"
IP 83726, "Control of Radioactive Materials and Contamination, Surveys, and Monitoring"
IP 83727, "Facilities and Equipment (Basic)"
IP 84522, "Solid Wastes (Preoperational and Supplemental)"
IP 84523, "Liquids and Liquid Wastes (Preoperational and Supplemental"
IP 84524, "Gaseous Waste System (Preoperational and Supplemental)"
IP 84525, "Quality Assurance and Confirmatory Measurements For In-Plant
Radiochemical Analysis (Preoperational and Supplemental)"
IP 84722, "Solid Wastes"
IP 84723, "Liquids and Liquid Wastes"
IP 84724, "Gaseous Waste System"
IP 84725, "Quality Assurance and Confirmatory Measurements For In-Plant
Radiochemical Analysis"
IP 84850, "Radioactive Waste Management - Inspection of Waste Generator Requirements of 10 CFR Part 20 and 10 CFR Part 61"
IP 86700, "Spent Fuel Pool Activities"
IP 86702, "Spent Fuel Pool Activities"
IP 86721, "Transportation (Basic)"
IP 86740, "Inspection of Transportation Activities"
IP 90700, "Feedback of Operational Experience Information at Operating Power Reactors"
IP 90713, "Review of Periodic and Special Reports"
IP 90714, "Nonroutine Reporting Program"
IP 92703, "Followup of Confirmatory Action Letters"
IP 92718, "Inventory Differences Action Guidelines"
IP 92720, "Corrective Action"
IP 92901, "Followup - Operations"
IP 92902, "Followup - Maintenance"
IP 92903, "Followup - Engineering"
IP 92904, "Followup - Plant Support"
IP 93702, "Prompt Onsite Response to Events at Operating Power Plants"


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