Change Notice 01-016

Issue Date: 08/24/01


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1. IMC 0301 09/30/94 IMC 0301 08/24/01
2. IMC 1405 05/01/78 ---- ----
3. IMC 1420 10/01/83 ---- ----
4. IMC 1430 03/06/78 ---- ----
5. IMC 2901 09/13/99 IMC 2901 08/24/01
6. TI 2515/140 09/29/98 ---- ----

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.

IMC 0301 (Coordination of NRC Visits to Commercial Reactor Sites) has undergone a minor revision to conform with the Reactor Oversight Process. References to MIPS were updated to IP/RPS and references to organizations were updated.

IMC 1405 (IE Feedback To The Office Of Standards Development (SD)) is deleted. The organizations referenced in the manual chapter are no longer is existence, and the guidance is no longer required.

IMC 1420 (NRC TLD Direct Radiation Monitoring Network) is deleted. This program is no longer being used.

IMC 1430 (Procedure For Access To Proprietary Data [10CFR 2.790 (a)(4) and (d)] In IE Files By GAO Employees) is deleted. The issuing organizations are no longer in existence, and the stated policy in the manual chapter is no longer in use.

IMC 2901 (Team Inspections) has been revised to reflect the current Reactor Oversight Process, by referencing IMC 0610* and the significance determination process and enforcement review panels or meetings with the licensee, if necessary.

TI 2515/140 (Periodic Verification of Design-Basis Capability of Safety-Related Motor-Operated Valves (GL 96-05)) is deleted. The inspection requirements identified in this TI have been completed.



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