Change Notice 01-015

Issue Date: 08/16/01


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1. IMC 0040 09/27/95 IMC 0040 08/16/01
2. IMC 0045 09/14/98 ---- ----
3. IMC 0609 02/27/01 IMC 0609 08/16/01
4. IMC 0609.02 04/21/00 ---- ----
5. IMC 0609.03 04/21/00 IMC 0609.02 08/16/01
6. IMC 0609.04 04/21/00 IMC 0609.03 08/16/01
7. IP 71111.11 03/03/01 IP 71111.11 08/16/01
8. TI 2515/139 07/23/98 ---- ----

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.

IMC 0040 (Preparing, Revising, and Issuing Documents For the NRC Inspection Manual) has been revised to make it consistent with the revised Reactor Oversight Process. Major addition is a process for determining if changes to the baseline inspection program are necessary. Other changes are to format the font face to be compatible with the Agency computer resources. The requirements of IMC 0045 were also added to the manual chapter.

IMC 0045 (Requests For Regional Review and Comment on Inspection Program Documents) is deleted. The requirements in this manual chapter have been incorporated into IMC 0040.

IMC 0609 (Significance Determination Process) has been revised to correct the title of Attachment 2 (0609.02) as listed in the attachments to this manual chapter.

IMC 0609.02 (Initial Assessment of Inspection Observations For SDP Entry) is deleted. The information contained in this attachment has been included in IMC 0610*, "Power Reactor Inspection Reports.

IMC 0609.03 (Process For Appealing NRC Characterization of Inspection Findings (SDP Appeal Process)) has been renumbered, and is now IMC 0609.02.

IMC 0609.04 (Senior Reactor Analyst Support Objectives) has been renumbered, and is now IMC 0609.03.

IP 71111.11 (Licensed Operator Requalification Program) has been revised to clarify the original intent of the procedure as it relates to sample size selection.

TI 2515/139 (Inspection of Licensee's Implementation of Generic Letter 96-01, "Testing of Safety Related Logic Circuits") is deleted. The inspection requirements of this TI have been completed.



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