Change Notice 01-006

Issue Date: 03/06/01


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Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 0350 03/16/00 IMC 0350 03/06/01
2. IMC 2515 04/03/00 IMC 2515 03/06/01
3. IMC 2515, App A 09/12/00 IMC 2515, App A 03/06/01
4. IMC 2515, App B 09/12/00 IMC 2515, App B 03/06/01
5. IMC 2515, App C 09/12/00 IMC 2515, App C 03/06/01
6. IP 71111.11 04/03/00 IP 71111.11 03/06/01
7. IP 71111.14 04/03/00 IP 71111.14 03/06/01
8. IP 71111.20 04/03/00 IP 71111.20 03/06/01
9. IP 71150 09/12/00 IP 71150 03/06/01
10. IP 71151 09/12/00 IP 71151 03/06/01
11. IP 71152 04/03/00 IP 71152 03/06/01
12. IP 71153 04/04/00 IP 71153 03/06/01
13. IP 93812 04/03/00 IP 93812 03/06/01
14. IP 95001 04/03/00 IP 95001 03/06/01
15. IP 95002 04/03/00 IP 95002 03/06/01

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: This change notice incorporates the comments that have been received from the regions as a result of their review and comment of documents sent to them as part of the second proposed quarterly changes to the revised oversight process. IMC 0306, "Information Technology Support For The Oversight Process," IP 71121, "Occupational Radiation Safety," and its attachments, and IP 71122, "Radioactive Gaseous and Liquid Effluent," attachments are not included with this change notice. They will be included in a later change notice.

IMC 0350 (Oversight of Operating Reactor Facilities in an Extended Shutdown with Performance Problems) has been revised to add clarification on when entry conditions and procedural implementation guidance is met. A sentence was added to clarify that management retains the option to implement IMC 0350 at their discretion once the threshold conditions are met, including office areas to be considered in making this management decision. Minor revisions were also made in Sections 05.01 and .02 to clarify screening requirements for the restart checks and PI collection guidelines. Section 08.05 was revised to clarify IMC 0350 panel chairman duties. Another change requires an additional prerequisite to have a regulatory barrier in place (i.e., order or CAL) prior to implementing IMC 0350.

IMC 2515 (Light-Water Reactor Inspection Program - Operations Phase) has been revised to clarify program requirements and policies, and other minor changes. It also adds guidance on how to address findings outside of the inspector's normal area of inspection, and how to charge time for entrance and exit meetings. Guidance was added for obtaining IIPB concurrence when planning significant alterations in the baseline inspection program for a site or plant. Other changes clarify guidance and remove duplication of guidance in other program documents.

IMC 2515, Appendix A (Risk-Informed Baseline Inspection Program) The revision has added guidance to clarify how to close Ips with fewer samples inspected. Other changes included editorial changes and removing duplication with IMC 2515.

IMC 2515, Appendix B (Supplemental Inspection Program) has been revised to include newly issued IP 62709, "Configuration Risk Assessment and Risk Management Process."

IMC 2515, Appendix C (Special and Infrequently Performed Inspections) has been revised to add IP 60853, "On-Site Fabrication of Components and Construction of an ISFSI."

IP 71111.11 (Licensed Operator Requalification Program) has been revised to delete Section 03.10, "Findings." Disposition of inspection findings is adequately addressed by IMC 0609, Appendix I, "Operator Requalification, Human Performance," and IMC 0610*, "Power Reactor Inspection Reports."

IP 71111.14 (Personnel Performance Related to Non-Routine Plant Evolutions and Events) has been revised to clarify the intent to review human performance initiators to events and other non-routine evolutions. The revision also discusses the interaction with IP 71153, "Event Followup."

IP 71111.20 (Refueling and Other Outage Activities) has been revised to clarify resource estimates for refueling, non-refueling, and forced outages. The IP was also revised to show the interaction between the shutdown operations SDP and IP 71111.13, "Maintenance Risk Assessments and Emergent Work Evaluation," in performing risk assessments in accordance with 10 CFR 50.65(a)(4).

IP 71150 (Discrepant or Unreported Performance Indicator Data) has been revised to better define the criteria of NRC losing confidence in a licensee's ability to collect and report performance indicators.

IP 71151 (Performance Indicator Verification) has been revised to provide improved guidance on how to conduct PI verification inspections and how to document the inspection findings.

IP 71152 (Identification and Resolution of Problems) has been revised to delete certain inspection requirements (collective risk of maintenance backlog and equipment unavailability accounting), eliminate duplication within the procedure, and provide additional guidance concerning the review of a safety conscious work environment.

IP 71153 (Event Followup) has been revised to better define the scope of the IP, to expand the definition of power reactor events to include degraded conditions, and to integrate the IP with the options for inspection activities related to the deterministic and risk criteria in MD 8.3 .

IP 93812 (Special Inspection) has been revised to provide consistency with Management Directive 8.3, "NRC Incident Investigation Program," and to provide guidance on Preliminary Notifications.

IP 95001 (Inspection For One or Two White Inputs in a Strategic Performance Area) incorporated minor changes to better define "extent of condition" and to reference IMC 0610* guidance for documenting the results of the inspection.

IP 95002 (Inspection For One Degraded Cornerstone or Any Three White Inputs in a Strategic Performance Area) has been revised to provide additional guidance regarding the scope of the inspection when multiple issues are identified within the affected cornerstone(s). It also provides additional guidance concerning the inspection requirement to perform an independent extent of condition review.




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