Change Notice 01-005

Issue Date: 02/27/01


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Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 0609 04/21/00 IMC 0609 02/27/01
2. IMC 0609, App E 04/21/00 IMC 0609, App E 02/27/01
3. IMC 0609, App F 04/21/00 IMC 0609, App F 02/27/01
4. IMC 0609, App F,
Attachment 1
04/21/00 IMC 0609, App F,
Attachment 1
5. ___ ___ IMC 0609, App F,
Attachment 2
6. IMC 0609, App G 04/21/00 IMC 0609, App G 02/27/01
7. IMC 0610 10/06/00 IMC 0610 02/27/01

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: IMC 0609 (Significance Determination Process) has been revised to correct minor editorial errors and inconsistencies, and to clarify the overall SDP process description.

IMC 0609, Appendix E (Physical Protection Significance Determination Process) The Physical Protection Significance Determination Process (SDP) IMC 0609, Appendix E, that was initially issued in April of 2000, was found to be incompatible with assessing the significance of inspection findings. The Commission has approved an interim Physical Protection SDP. This revision reflects the approved interim Physical Protection SDP.

IMC 0609, Appendix F (Determining Potential Risk Significance of Fire Protection and Post-Fire Safe Shutdown Inspection Findings) has been revised to add additional guidance in defining fire scenarios, and to evaluate the impact on CDF.

IMC 0609, Appendix F, Attachment 1 (Application of Fire Protection Risk-Significant Screening Methodology to Hypothetical Cases) has been revised to update the examples to reflect the change made to Appendix F defining fire scenarios.

IMC 0609, Appendix F, Attachment 2 (Additional Guidance for the Assessment of Findings Using Significance Determination Process Entry) is issued to provide guidance to assess the level of degradation associated with defense in depth (DID) fire protection features, (e.g. fire brigade automatic and manual fire protection systems, fire barriers). The revision also provides some fire protection equipment installation guidance based on code requirements. These should always be verified against the code of record.

IMC 0609, Appendix G (Shutdown Operations - SDP) has been revised to reflect changes based on comments by regional inspectors. These include definition for entry conditions and instructions to bring issues to the attention of the SRAs.

IMC 0610* (Power Reactor Inspection Reports) has been revised to incorporate revisions to Physical Protection Group Two Questions, in concert with issuance of the interim Physical Protection SDP. Also minor revisions were added to: address treatment of third party reviews, clarify guidance on writing inspection summaries, provide several examples of maintenance findings, and make several administrative revisions.



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