Change Notice 00-030

Issue Date: 12/29/00


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Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 0609, App B 04/21/00 IMC 0609, App B 12/29/00
2. IMC 0609, App D 04/21/00 IMC 0609, App D 12/29/00
3. ---- ---- IMC 0609, App I 12/29/00
TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: The remainder of IMC 0609 revisions are being prepared for issuance.
IMC 0609, App B (Emergency Preparedness - Significance Determination Process) has been revised to include guidance for implementing EPSDP, which was not included in the initial issuance of this appendix. Complete guidance has now been consolidated. Revisions to the guidance was made based on regional comments.
IMC 0609, App D (Public Radiation Safety - Significance Determination Process) has been revised to incorporate stakeholder comments. It also expands the Part 61 finding section to add a Green finding event where previously there was only a White finding.
IMC 0609, App I (Operator Requalification - Human Performance Significance Determination Process) is issued to help inspectors in the determination of the risk importance of issues identified during inspection of the licensed operator requalification program. The process was successfully put through a functional test using findings from 35 inspection reports. The appendix also incorporates regional comments.


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