Change Notice 00-026

Issue Date: 12/01/00


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Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 2800 12/30/99 IMC 2800 12/01/00
2. TI 2800/027 02/05/98 ---- ----
3. TI 2800/028 09/28/98 ---- ----
TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: MC 2800 (Materials Inspection Program) has been revised to include additional Manual Chapters and Inspection Procedures affecting Section 2800-11 of the Materials Inspection Program. Specific additions are as follows:
MC 0730, "Generic Communications Regarding Material and Fuel Cycle Issues"
IP 87104, "Decommissioning Inspection Procedures for Materials Licenses"
IP 93800, "Augmented Inspection Team"
IP 93812, "Special Inspection"
MC 2882, "Transfer of NRC License Files to Agreement States"
Specifically, the minor changes adding IP 93800 and IP 93812 will allow documentation of these inspection procedures on the RITS forms used by inspectors. These additions were requested by the Regions. NRR has amended IP 93800 and IP 93812 to show applicability of these inspection procedures to Manual Chapter 2800.
TI 2800/027 (Inspections of Amersham Model 600 and Industrial Nuclear Model IR-100 Exposure Devices) is deleted. The information requested by this TI has been obtained.
TI 2800/028 (Inspections of Strontium-90 Opthalmic Applicators) is deleted. The inspection requirements specified by the TI were incorporated into Ips 87118 and 87119.


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