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1. ---- ---- IMC 0610 10/06/00
TRAINING: Training on this manual chapter is available to inspectors on an as requested basis and is provided by the NRC technical training staff on a periodic basis.
REMARKS: IMC 0610 (Power Reactor Inspection Reports) is the first official issuance of this manual chapter. Previously draft copies have been made available. This manual chapter incorporates the documentation requirements of the revised Reactor Oversight Process (ROP). It also provides for more consistency in documentation by: (1) strictly adhering to a newly defined set of terms, (2) defining a standard report outline, (3) defining what is of minor significance and providing guidance on documenting minor issues and licensee identified issues, and (4) specifically defining where various types of items belong within the inspection report. Substantial changes have been made to the draft IMC 0610* that has been utilized since the beginning of initial implementation of the ROP. These include new guidance on the format of: the cover letter, the summary of findings, and the scope and findings sections. Guidance has also been provided on how to document: Cross-cutting Issues, Licensee Event Reports, Performance Indicator issues, and Licensee Identified Non-Cited Violations.
Major sections were added to provide guidance on how to screen out issues not suitable for the significance determination process, how to document supplemental inspections, and how to document inspection procedure 71152, "Identification and Resolution of Problems".
The details section of the example inspection report contained in the guidance has been removed and is under development to allow the staff to incorporate good examples from the first round of reports issued using this manual chapter.


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