Change Notice 00-014

Issue Date: 08/25/00


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Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 2641 09/02/97 IMC 2641 08/25/00
2. IMC 2801 09/02/97 IMC 2801 08/25/00
3. IP 60853 02/01/96 IP 60853 08/25/00
4. TI 2600/007 08/25/00

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: IMC 2641, In-Situ Leach Facilities Inspection Program
IMC 2801, Uranium Mill and 11e.(2) Byproduct Material Disposal Site and Facility Inspection Program
The above two manual chapters were revised based on recommendations by RIV to align the guidance with the current inspection frequencies for various sites, orient the inspection guidance more toward performance based inspections, and to improve the overall effectiveness of the inspection program for these facilities. The inspection frequency changes are in accordance with the directive delineated in John Greeves' October 16, 1998 memorandum to Carl Paperiello.
TI 2600/007 (Interim Guidance For Fuel Cycle Facility Core Inspection Program) is issued to provide interim guidance on the conduct of safety and safeguards core inspection programs for NRC licensed fuel cycle facilities. The current guidance in IMC 2600 does not distinguish between the different kinds of fuel cycle facilities according to the character or scale of risks of actual operations, beyond high enriched uranium and low enriched uranium facilities.


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