Change Notice 00-012

Issue Date: 07/12/00


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Number Date Number Date
1. TI 2800/026 05/04/98 IMC 2410 07/12/00
2. IP 60852 02/01/96 TI 2600/006 07/12/00
3. TI 2800/026 07/12/00
4. IP 60852 07/12/00
TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
IMC 2410: (Conduct of Observation Audits) is issued to provide guidance to NRC staff on how to conduct observation audits performed by the Department of Energy, its contractors, and its subcontractors.
TI 2600/006: (Resident Inspection Program For Category I Fuel Cycle Facilities) is issued to formally establish the Resident Inspection Program for Category I Fuel Cycle Facilities. Details regarding the frequency of inspection tasks and direct inspection hours needed to perform it are contained in the TI.
TI 2800/026, Revision 2: (Follow-UP Inspection of Formerly Licensed Sites Identified as Potentially Contaminated) has been revised to reflect organizational and editorial changes.
IP 60852: (ISFSI Component Fabrication by Outside Fabricators) has been revised to incorporate lessons learned from inspections conducted over the past three years, as well as format changes and the use of "plain English." No significant change in FTE or DIE.



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