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Change Notice 00-005

Issue Date: 04/04/00


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1. IMC 2515, App C04/03/00IMC 2515, App C04/04/00
2.IP 6270006/03/97IP 6270004/04/00
3.IP 7115304/03/00IP 7115304/04/00
4.IP 8710211/20/94IP 8710204/04/00
5.IP 9205001/01/83IP 9205004/04/00
6.- - - - - - - - TI 2515/14404/04/00
TRAINING:No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS:IMC 2515, Appendix C (Special and Infrequently Performed Inspections) has been revised to include IP 92050 for use by Region II in the inspection of Browns Ferry 1, Watts Bar 2, and Bellefonte plants.
 IP 62700 (Maintenance Program Implementation) is revised to incorporate the elements contained in IPs 62702, 62703, 62704, and 62705. IP 62700 is issued as part of the Supplemental Inspection Program as defined in IMC 2515, Appendix B.
 IP 71153 (Event Followup) is revised to provide inspection requirements and guidance for review of event reports.
 IP 87102 (Maintaining Effluents From Materials Facilities As Low As Is Reasonably Achievable (ALARA)) is revised to include the addition of the 10 CFR 20.1101(d) constraint rule and minor changes to reflect current enforcement policy and to update EPA addresses in the Appendix.
 IP 92050 (Review of Quality Assurance For Extended Construction Delay) has been revised for use by Region II in the inspection of Browns Ferry 1, Watts Bar 2, and Bellefonte plants.
 TI 2515/144 (Performance Indicator Data Collecting and Reporting Process Review) is issued to review a licensee's performance indicator data collecting and reporting process to determine whether the licensees are appropriately implementing the NRC/Industry guidance.


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