Change Notice 99-010

Issue Date: 06/29/99


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  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 0102 02/28/97 IMC 0102 06/29/99
2. IMC 1201 12/27/94 IMC 1201 06/29/99
3. ---- ---- IP 35703 06/29/99
4. 9900 Tech Guidance
04/14/99 9900 Tech Guidance
TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: IMC 0102 (Oversight and Objectivity of Inspectors and Examiners at Reactor Facilities) has been revised to include policy on the number and duration of site assignments for resident inspectors.
  IMC 1201 (Conduct of Employees) has been revised to provide clarification of Agency's guidance for the resident inspector program as specified in the October 13, 1998 memorandum from the Deputy Executive Director for Regulatory Programs entitled "Resolution of Long-Standing Concerns Associated with the Resident Inspector Program." The areas clarified included the resident's use of pager and/or cell phones, response time to events at the plant, time in the resident program, and resident relocation policy.
  IP 35703 (Graded Quality Assurance) is issued as a regional initiative inspection guidance for GQA programs approved by the staff and/or for conducting inspections in response to QA program inadequacies attributed to the application of GQA controls at nuclear power plants in accordance with the agency's PRA Implementation Plan.
  The above procedure and appendices have been revised to reflect a performance based inspection approach. The revision changes the format, eliminates the field notes, adds an inspection record section, and adds a reference section.
  9900 Technical Guidance (Operations - Notices of Enforcement Discretion) has been revised to reflect the new NRR organization and to include minor editorial changes.


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