Change Notice 99-009

Issue Date: 06/18/1999


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  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 2800 04/17/95 IMC 2800 06/18/99
2. 87110, App A 04/05/99 IP 87110, App A 06/18/99
3. 87111, App A 06/11/98 IP 87111, App A 06/18/99
4. 87112, App A 06/11/98 IP 87112, App A 06/18/99
5. 87113, App A 06/11/98 IP 87113, App A 06/18/99
6. 87114, App A 06/11/98 IP 87114, App A 06/18/99
7. IP 87115, App A 05/07/98 IP 87115, App A 06/18/99
8. IP 87116, App A 05/07/98 IP 87116, App A 06/18/99
9. IP 87117, App A 05/07/98 IP 87117, App A 06/18/99
10. IP 87118, App A 04/20/99 IP 87118, App A 06/18/99
11. IP 87119, App A 06/11/98 IP 87119, App A 06/18/99
12. IP 87120, App A 05/03/99 IP 87120, App A 06/18/99
13. TI 2515/099 09/19/88 ---- ----
14. TI 2515/105 05/14/90 ---- ----
15. TI 2515/108 10/19/90 ---- ----
16. TI 2515/111 05/31/91 ---- ----
17. ---- ---- TI 2515/142 06/18/99
TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: IMC 2800 (Materials Inspection Program) is revised to indicate that new licenses issued as a result of changes of mailing address or of ownership or transfers of control, provided there are no significant changes in the licensed activities, are not required to receive an initial inspection. Also, all references to the Inspection Followup System (IFS) have been removed because the IFS is no longer is use.
  IP 87110, Appendix A (Industrial/Academic/Research Inspection Record)
  IP 87111, Appendix A (Materials Processor/Manufacturer Inspection Record)
IP 87112, Appendix A (Irradiator Inspection Record)
IP 87113, Appendix A (Well Logging Inspection Record)
IP 87114, Appendix A (Fixed and Portable Gauge Inspection Record)
IP 87115, Appendix A (Nuclear Medicine Inspection Record)
IP 87116, Appendix A (Medical Teletherapy Inspection Record)
IP 87117, Appendix A (Radiopharmacy Inspection Record)
IP 87118, Appendix A (Brachytherapy Inspection Record)
IP 87119, Appendix A (Medical Broad-Scope Inspection Record)
IP 87120, Appendix A (Industrial Radiography Inspection Record)
  The first page on the inspection record for each of the above listed Appendix A inspection procedures, has been revised to add the "location (authorized site) being inspected" as a field for completion. This minor revision was recommended during an integrated materials performance evaluation program review that was performed in Region III. It is an important additional field for those licensees having multiple authorized sites.
  515/099 (Inspection of Licensee's Implementation of Requested Actions of NRC Bulletin 88-07, "BWR Power Oscillations") has been deleted. The inspection requirements identified by this TI have been completed.
  TI 2515/105 (Inspection of Licensee Activities in Reference to NRC Bulletin 88-04, "Potential Safety-Related Pump Loss") has been deleted. The inspection requirements identified by this TI have been completed.
TI 2515/108 (Maintenance Assessment Inspection) has been deleted. The inspection requirements identified by this TI have been completed.
TI 2515/111 (Electrical Distribution System Followup Inspection) has been deleted. The inspection requirements identified in this TI have been incorporated into IP 93811, "Electrical Distribution System Functional Inspection (EDSFI) issued 02/03/99.
TI 2515/142 (Draindown During Shutdown and Common-Mode Failure (NRC Generic Letter 98-02)) is issued to verify that the PWR operators who's plants were found to be susceptible to a draindown event similar to that of the Wolf Creek event of 09/17/94, have taken adequate measures to reduce the likelihood of a similar event.


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