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Change Notice 99-007

Issue Date: 04/20/99


All Files in ZIP Format cn 99-007.zip

Number Date Number Date
1. IP 87118 05/07/98 IP 87118 04/20/99
2. TI 2561/002 10/11/94 ---- ----
3. 9900 Tech Guidance
Maintenance - LCO
04/18/91 9900 Tech Guidance
Maintenance - LCO
TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: IP 87118 (Brachytherapy Programs) is revised to incorporate additions for inspections of Strontium-90 ophthalmic applicator licensees. The additions provide specific inspection requirements, corresponding guidance, an inspection record entry item, and references.
TI 2561/002 (Evaluation of Management Controls and Spent Fuel Pool Activities At Permanently Shutdown Reactors) is deleted. The inspection requirements identified with this procedure have been completed.
9900 Technical Guidance (Maintenance - Voluntary Entry into Limiting Conditions for Operation Action Statements to Perform Preventive Maintenance) is revised to reflect the present staff position on entry into TS 3.0.3 as discussed in the response to TIA 92-08. A number of inspectors using this guidance have noted inconsistency with regard to how allowed outage time or shutdown times are to be used.


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