Change Notice 99-006

Issue Date: 04/13/99


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1. ---- ---- TI 2515/141 04/13/99
2. 9900 Tech Guidance
12/11/98 9900 Tech Guidance OPERATIONS - NOED 04/13/99
TRAINING: Training for TI 2515/141 (one day) was conducted on 03/25/99 and 03/31/99. Training is required for inspectors who implement this TI. For inspectors who missed the two one-day training sessions a training tape is available from Instrumentation and Controls Branch, NRR.
REMARKS: TI 2515/141 (Review of Year 2000 (Y2K) Readiness of Computer Systems at Nuclear Power Plants) is issued for immediate implementation. In September 1998, NRC staff began auditing 12 representative sites to evaluate licensee Y2K programs. The scope of each audit addressed 40-50 software applications and embedded systems and components, licensee contingency planning activities, grid stability issues, and critical supplier issues. The results were provided to the licensees and were also published for public, licensee, and Congressional review.
In March 1999, following discussions with members of Congress, the Commission expanded the scope of the NRC reviews to include all nuclear power plant sites. Because timeliness of these reviews is critical, the depth of the review activities has been reduced from the scope of the audits conducted at the 12 representative sites to an abbreviated review of licensee Y2K activities. This TI provides guidance to NRC Resident Inspectors and NRC Regional Inspectors regarding the scope of the review activities and reporting requirements.
9900 TECHNICAL GUIDANCE (Operations - Notices of Enforcement Discretion (NUREG-1600, Enforcement Policy Section VII C- Exercise of Discretion)) has been revised. The revision modifies staff guidance relating to NOED for severe weather or other natural events. Specifically it: 1) clarifies that for NOED consideration for severe weather or other natural conditions, a government entity must declare the emergency, 2) deletes the requirement for the NRC staff to contact the official declaring the emergency to independently confirm the emergency.


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