Change Notice 99-004

Issue Date: 03/11/99


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  Number Date Number Date
1. IP 40500 01/27/99 IP 40500 03/11/99
2. IP 92901 03/14/94 IP 92901 03/11/99
3. IP 92902 03/14/94 IP 92902 03/11/99
4. IP 92903 03/14/94 IP 92903 03/11/99
5. IP 92904 03/14/94 IP 92904 03/11/99
TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: IP 92901 (Followup - Plant Operations)
IP 92902 (Followup - Maintenance)
IP 92903 (Followup - Engineering)
IP 92904 (Followup - Plant Support)
  The inspection effort associated with the change to the enforcement policy for level IV violations is focused on the licensee's corrective action program. There are two elements to the new enforcement policy for level IV violations. The first is cited violations. Cited violations are the same as current cited violations (require a written 30-day response from the licensee). The inspection program will continue to follow up on these items on a timely basis. Therefore, the current follow up procedures (IP 92901 thru 92904) will continue to be used to followup cited level IV violations.
  IP 40500 (Effectiveness Of Licensee Process To Identify, Resolve, And Prevent Problems)
  The second part of the enforcement change concerns treating level IV violations as non-cited violations (NCVs). The inspection for this item has been factored into IP 40500. IP 40500 has been changed to include a "smart sample" of NCVs and licensee identified issues. The smart sample includes 20 percent or at least two NCVs at each plant site. The selection of this sample should focus on the risk significant NCVs and licensee identified issues. The sample also includes a selection of risk-informed licensee identified issues.


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