Change Notice 99-001

Issue Date: 01/27/99


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  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 1360 07/08/94 IMC 1360 01/27/99
2. IP 40500 06/24/98 IP 40500 01/27/99
3. TI 2600/003 10/23/97 TI 2600/003 01/27/99
4. ---- ---- TI 2600/004 01/27/99
TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: IMC 1360: (Use of Physician and Scientific Consultants in the Medical Consultant Program) is revised to change the procedures for medical consultant use. The requirement to obtain the approval of the Director, Division of Industrial and Medical Nuclear Safety to not use a consultant if, in a consultant's opinion, their use was not warranted has been removed.
  IP 40500: (Effectiveness of Licensee Process to Identify, Resolve, and Prevent Problems) is revised to provide inspection guidance relative to implementation of the maintenance rule as it applies to the corrective action process. It also contains changes intended to help make this inspection procedure more performance based. Review of corrective actions relating to enforcement has been deleted since this review has been placed in a Temporary Instruction, TI 2515/XXX, which will be issued within the next few months. All references to review INPO documents has been deleted to comply with Field Policy Manual No. 9. Review of INPO documents is addressed in IP 71707.
  TI 2600/003: (Operational Safety Review) is revised to extend the expiration date. This TI was issued on 10/23/97, and originally was intended to expire after one year. Existing inspection procedures were intended to be revised to incorporate the provisions of the TI and ensure consistency with other procedures. Experience during the ensuing year indicated that significantly more changes in the existing procedures would be necessary, than originally intended. The changes would be required both to ensure consistency between procedures and make them more risk-informed and licensee performance-oriented.
  TI 2600/004: (Headquarters Inspections of Critical Mass and Rare-Earth Fuel Cycle Licensees) is issued to baseline minor fuel cycle facilities to determine future efforts (if needed) in the areas of chemical process safety and criticality safety.


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