Change Notice 98-020

Issue Date: 12/31/98



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  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 0350 12/31/97 IMC 0350 12/31/98
2. IP 71707 09/14/98 IP 71707 12/31/98
3. IP 90712 08/30/91 IP 90712 12/31/98
4. IP 92700 08/30/91 IP 92700 12/31/98
TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: IMC 0350 (Staff Guidelines For Restart Approval) is revised to clarify the relationship of the Case Specific Checklist (CSC) to the Restart Action Plan, and the use of the generic examples in Appendix A to develop the CSC. These examples are based on CSCs for previous restart approvals. They should be evaluated for applicability to the plant in question, and only be included in the CSC when they must be resolved before restart.
IP 71707 (Plant Operations) has been revised to delete the requirement that the resident inspector document whether or not INPO evaluation and accreditations reports were generally consistent with NRC evaluations. The inspector will now document that an INPO review was completed.
IP 90712 (In-Office Review of Written Reports of Nonroutine Events at Power Reactor Facilities)
IP 92700 (Onsite Followup of Written Reports of Nonroutine Events at Power Reactor Facilities)
These two inspection procedures have been revised in response to a security event at Millstone and the subsequent Office of the Inspector General investigation into how the region handled the event, Although management concluded staff actions were consistent with NRC guidance, documentation of staff activities was incomplete. Region I issued staff guidance incorporating lessons learned, which has been incorporated into these revisions.


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