Change Notice 98-019

Issue Date: 12/11/98



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  Number Date Number Date
1. IP 49001 01/15/92 IP 49001 12/11/98
2. IP 93800 07/05/89 IP 93800 12/11/98
3. 9900 Tech Guidance
11/02/95 9900 Tech Guidance
TRAINING: No specific training is recommended for any procedures issued by this change notice. If any technical questions arise from the performance of IP 49001, contact the branch chief, Materials and Chemical Engineering Branch.
REMARKS: IP 49001 (Inspection of Erosion-Corrosion/Flow-Accelerated-Corrosion Monitoring Programs) is revised to include guidance related to the maintenance rule and license renewal requirements for monitoring plant components susceptible to erosion-corrosion/flow-accelerated-corrosion. This revision also incorporates lessons learned from NRC review of the Fort Calhoun steam line rupture event which occurred on April 21, 1997.
IP 93800 (Augmented Inspection Team) has been revised to include lessons learned from an inspection at WNP-2 regarding the assignment of team members to the AIT, in addition to minor editorial changes.
9900 Technical Guidance (Operations - Notices of Enforcement Discretion (NUREG-1600, Enforcement Policy Section VII C - Exercise of Discretion)) is revised to address certain policy changes described in the Staff Requirements Memorandum, COMEXM-98-004, dated July 28, 1998, Office of Inspector General audit findings and recommendations documented in OIG/98A-06, Followup Review of NRC's Process for Issuing and Tracking NOED's, dated July 30, 1998, industry comments received during the Utility/NRC Interface Workshop, July 20-21, 1998, and staff experience with the current guidance.


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