Change Notice 98-013

Issue Date: 09/14/98


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  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 0045 10/14/88 IMC 0045 09/14/98
2. IMC 1007 02/17/94 IMC 1007 09/14/98
3. IMC 2500 11/06/86 ---- ----
4. IMC 2500, App I 08/21/89 ---- ----
5. IP 71707 06/24/98 IP 71707 09/14/98
6. ---- ---- IP 93810 09/14/98
7. TI 2515/118, Rev. 2 03/17/95 ---- ----
TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: IMC 0045 (Requests For Regional Review And Comment On Inspection Program Documents) is revised to reflect the current NRR organization, and to add the Office of Inspector General to the comment distribution list for major inspection manual changes.
IMC 1007 (Interfacing Activities Between Regional Offices Of NRC and OSHA) has been revised to incorporate the OSHA/NRC memorandum of understanding on Gaseous Diffusion Plants, and to clarify the roles of the NRC Regional OSHA Liaison Officer and NRC NMSS headquarters OSHA Liaison Officer.
IMC 2500 (Reactor Inspection Program) is deleted. This manual chapter addressed the inspection policy for all reactor types (light water, gas cooled) in all modes (construction, pre-op, power ascension, and operation). It has been essentially replaced by IMC 2515, "Light-Water Reactor Inspection - Operations." A review of IMC 2515 has been made to ensure that it contains all the applicable policy relating to the operating reactor inspection program from IMC 2500. On that basis, IMC 2500 is deleted.
IMC 2500, Appendix I (Level of Inspection Effort and Size of Inspection Teams for Emergency Preparedness Exercise Observation) is deleted. The policy statements in this appendix have been incorporated in other inspection manual documents.
IP 71707 (Plant Operations) has been revised to reflect PRA guidance. This PRA guidance was previously provided in a revision to IP 71707 issued by change notice 98-010 and inadvertently used an out-of-date version of IP 71707. This has been corrected by change notice 98-013.
IP 93810 (Service Water System Operational Performance Inspection (SWSOPI)) is being issued to replace Temporary Instruction 2515/118, "Service Water System Operational Performance Inspection." This new IP may be used for future team inspections of the Service Water System when required.
TI 2515/118, Revision 2 (Service Water System Operational Performance Inspection (SWSOPI)) is deleted. The planned inspections identified by the TI have been completed. The TI has been converted to an inspection procedure (IP 93810) for use for any future team inspections of the service water system.


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