Change Notice 98-011



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Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 2515, App. A 09/09/97 IMC 2515, App. A 07/23/98
2. IP 71001 08/28/95 IP 71001 07/23/98
3. TI 2515/109, Rev. 3 06/23/97 TI 2515/109, Rev. 4 07/23/98
4. ---- ---- TI 2515/139 07/23/98

TRAINING:   No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS:   IMC 2515, Appendix A (Core Inspection Program Procedures) has been revised to reflect a change in the "frequency codes." The inspection procedure frequency codes have been change from a 2 letter code to a 1 letter code to be compatible with the "master inspection Planning" system and the "inspection procedure authority system."
  IP 71001 (Licensed Operator Requalification Program Evaluation) has been revised in its entirety to capture experience gained in the performance of licensed operator requalification program evaluations since the last revision dated 08/25/95. Inspection requirements 02.01, 02.02, and 02.03 are to be completed first. Inspection requirements 02.04, 02.05, and 02.06 are to be considered and performed to the extent necessary to conclude that the objectives of the inspection have been met. In addition, specific guidance has been incorporated regarding observing of one or more operating crews in the control room and comparing with performance observed in the simulator on requalification examinations. Finally, the reference section has been updated and Appendix A format has been changed to a yes/no response instead of a blank check off for each question.
  TI 2515/109 (Inspection Requirements For Generic Letter 89-10, Safety-Related Motor-Operated Valve Testing and Surveillance) has been revised to extend the expiration date from June 15, 1998 to April 30, 1999. Currently the TI has been completed at 94 reactor units, the extension was made to allow all units to be inspected.
  TI 2515/139 (Inspection of Licensee's Implementation of Generic Letter 96-01, "Testing of Safety Related Logic Circuits) is issued to independently confirm that all portions of the logic circuits are adequately covered in the licensee's surveillance procedures. HICB personnel will be available to assist the regions in performing the TI as requested.


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