Change Notice 98-006

Issue Date: 05/04/98


Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 2515, App B 07/01/97 IMC 2515, App B 05/04/98
2. IP 87100 02/03/97 IP 87100 05/04/98
3. ---- ---- TI 2515/138 05/04/98
4. TI 2800/026 02/16/95 TI 2800/026, Rev.1 05/04/98


No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: IMC 2515, Appendix B (Regional Initiative and Reactive Inspection Program Procedures) has been revised to reflect the addition of procedures to this section through the issuance of new inspection procedures.
IP 87100 (Licensed Materials Programs) has been revised to remove (strikes out) wording dealing with the inspection of industrial/academic licensees and industrial radiography licensees. Both of these inspection programs are covered in separate specific inspection procedures issued since or concurrent with the last revision of IP 87100, issued 02/03/97 (IP 87110-Industrial/Academic Research Programs, issued 02/03/97, and IP 87120-Industrial Radiography Programs, issued 09/02/97). Whenever available, specific inspection procedures are to be used in place of the general IP 87100.
TI 2515/138 (Evaluation of the Cumulative Effect of Operator Workarounds) is issued to gather information necessary to address item 8 of the Main Yankee Independent Safety Assessment action plan, "Cumulative Effect of Operator Workarounds." Although information concerning individual operator workarounds is currently available in NRC inspection records insufficient information is available to assess the cumulative effort of multiple operator workarounds. The TI will be used to gather information necessary to address the cumulative effect.
TI 2800/026 (Followup Inspection of Formerly Licensed Sites Identified as Potentially Contaminated) has been revised to: (1) to extend the expiration date of the TI, (2) change the point of contact identified in Section 2800/026-08 from Paul Goldberg to John Buckley, and (3) to make the TI consistent with the Commission's positions expressed in SECY 97-188. The resulting revision will result in a decrease in the direct inspection hours required to close terminated license files.



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