Change Notice 98-002

Issue Date: 02/05/98


Number Date Number Date
1. ---- ---- TI 2800/027 02/05/98

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.
REMARKS: TI 2800/027 (Inspections of Amersham Model 660 and Industrial Nuclear Model IR-100 Exposure Devices) is issued to verify licensee compliance with the Certificate of Compliance relating to Amersham Model 660 Series exposure devices. The NRC became aware of specific scenarios where the Amersham Model 660 Series and the Industrial Nuclear Model IR100 radiography exposure devices would not pass the horizontal shock test as required by 10 CFR Part 34. Retrofits were issued by the manufacturers to correct the problem. In addition, NRC became aware that the Amersham Model 660 Series radiography exposure device had failed tests to meet the hypothetical conditions required in 10 CFR Part 71. The Certificate of Compliance for this exposure device was amended to provide compensatory measures for licensees to follow during transport, and to restrict use of Amersham Model 660 Series exposure devices manufactured after November 17, 1997. Inspections are necessary to verify licensee compliance.


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