Change Notice 98-001

Issue Date: 01/21/98


Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 1245, App A 12/02/96 IMC 1245, App A 01/21/98
2. IMC 1245, App B 08/01/96 IMC 1245, App B 01/21/98
3. ---- ---- IMC 1245, App A 01/21/98
(Section XIV)
4. ---- ---- IMC 1245, App B 01/21/98
(Section XIV)

TRAINING: No training requirements have been identified for any documents with this change notice.
REMARKS: IMC 1245, Appendix A (Training Requirements For Inspector Classifications)
IMC 1245, Appendix B (Inspector Training and Qualification Journal)
These two appendices have been revised to reflect the addition of inspector classification, Section XIV, Technical Assistance Inspector.
IMC 1245, Appendix A, Section XIV, Technical Assistance Inspector
IMC 1245, Appendix B, Section XIV, Technical Assistance Inspector
The appendices to IMC 1245 have been revised to add a new inspector classification, entitled "Technical Assistance Inspector." This inspector classification will be used by NRR personnel who may perform inspections periodically, but are not considered full-time inspectors. The technical assistance inspector will conduct inspections at nuclear power plants only with accompanying qualified inspectors, and will not conduct entrance or exit meetings, but can participate in such meetings.


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