Change Notice 97-019




  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 0325 01/05/95 ---- ----
2. IMC 0350 04/30/97 IMC 0350 12/31/97
3. IMC 1302 03/07/94 IMC 1302 12/31/97
4. IP 62706 09/12/95 IP 62706 12/31/97
5. ---- ---- TI 2515/137 12/31/97

TRAINING: The training requirements to qualify inspectors participating on Maintenance Rule baseline inspections is a three day workshop class provided by either an instructor from the Quality Assurance and Maintenance Branch (HQMB) or by instructors from the NRC Training Division (TTD). HQMB is currently the lead branch on maintenance rule training; however, HQMB is transferring all training responsibilities for the maintenance rule to TTD by the end of 1997. TTD training is also provided for a one day course to resident inspectors for IP 62707, Maintenance Observations. Course numbers and scheduling have not been established at this time.

REMARKS: IMC 0325 (Augmented Inspection Team) has been deleted. The policy statements contained within this manual chapter have been subsumed by Management Directive 8.3, Part III, "Augmented Inspection Team."

IMC 0350 (Staff Guidelines For Restart Approval) has been revised to address new applicants for operator licenses while a plant is in an extended shutdown requiring restart approval. Some plants in extended shutdown requiring restart approval have supplemented the existing licensed operator staff with new applicants for operator licenses. These applicants could not meet the regulatory requirements for licensing because the plant had been in extended shutdown and reactivity manipulations on the plant could not be completed. This revision to IMC 0350 provides for a review of the facility's plan to perform the required significant control manipulations of the plant to ensure that the new operators have the requisite in-plant operating reactor experience prior to licensing.



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