Change Notice 97-012




  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 2561 03/20/92 IMC 2561 08/11/97
2. ---- ---- IP 36801 08/11/97
3. ---- ---- IP 37801 08/11/97
4. ---- ---- IP 40801 08/11/97
5. ---- ---- IP 60801 08/11/97
6. ---- ---- IP 62801 08/11/97
7. ---- ---- IP 71801 08/11/97
8. ---- ---- IP 83801 08/11/97

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.


IMC 2561 (Decommissioning Power Reactor Inspection Program) is revised to enhance NRC inspection of decommissioning power reactors. The IMC requires implementation of a core inspection program and provides inspection guidance for the staff. The IMC was also revised to address a recent amendment of the decommissioning regulations (10 CFR 50.82). This revision does not increase the DIE allocation and will be applicable during all phases of decommissioning. SALP is not performed for decommissioning reactors.

IP 36801 (Organization, Management, and Cost Controls at Permanently Shutdown Reactors)

IP 37801 (Safety Reviews, Design Changes, and Modifications at Permanently Shutdown Reactors)

IP 40801 (Self-Assessment, Auditing, and Corrective Action at Permanently Shutdown Reactors)

IP 60801 (Spent Fuel Pool Safety at Permanently Shutdown Reactors)

IP 62801 (Maintenance and Surveillance at Permanently Shutdown Reactors)

IP 71801 (Decommissioning Performance and Status Review at Permanently Shutdown Reactors)

IP 83801 (Inspection of Final Surveys at Permanently Shutdown Reactors)

These new inspection procedures were developed and are issued to inspect decommissioning power reactors in the following functional areas: management, organization, safety reviews, corrective actions, spent fuel pool safety, maintenance, surveillance, and final site surveys.



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