Change Notice 97-011




  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 0610 02/02/96 IMC 0610 07/15/97
2. IMC 2515, App A 06/23/97 IMC 2515, App A 07/15/97
3. TI 2515/123 03/15/94 ---- ----
4. ---- ---- TI 2515/135 07/15/97
5. TI 2630/001 01/16/96 ---- ----
6. 9900 Tech Guidance
(Leak Sealing)
10/11/94 9900 Tech Guidance
(Leak Sealing)

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.


IMC 0610 (Inspection reports) has been revised to be consistent with the enforcement guidance issued on April 29, 1997 (EGM 97-009).

IMC 2515, Appendix A (Core Inspection Program Procedures) is revised to reflect moving IP 40500, "Effectiveness of Licensee Controls in Identifying, Resolving, and Preventing Problems) from the SALP category "Plant Operation" to the SALP category "Other Functional Areas." This change permits a more integrated approach to inspection report development than is currently allowed under IMC 0610, "Inspection Reports," since this procedure can apply to all SALP functional areas.

TI 2515/123 (Implementation of the Revised 10 CFR Part 20) is deleted. The inspection requirements for this TI have been completed.

TI 2515/135 (Steam Generator Tube Inspection Deficiencies) is issued to implement a limited assessment of steam generator tube inservice inspection results. The findings from this assessment could indicate declining margins for steam generator tube integrity. Reduced margins for tube integrity below the criteria specified in NRC Regulatory Guide 1.121 may necessitate the performance of an operational assessment to demonstrate adequate tube integrity over the next cycle of operation.

TI 2630/001 (Chemical Safety Inspections of Fuel Cycle Licensees) is deleted. The closing of compliance plan items will be completed by formal correspondence between NRC and USEC and will be tracked by the enrichment section of the special project branch in FCSS.

9900 Technical Guidance (Maintenance - Assessing On-Line Leak Sealing of ASME Code Class 1 & 2) has been revised to incorporate additions, based upon recent industry experience, and to add clarifications.



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