Change Notice 97-010




  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 2515 06/23/97 IMC 2515 07/01/97
2. IMC 2515, App B 04/09/97 IMC 2515, App B 07/01/97
3. IP 71750 03/18/94 IP 71750 07/01/97
4. ---- ---- IP 81110 07/01/97
5. IP 81700 03/18/94 IP 81700 07/01/97

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.


IMC 2515 (Light-Water Reactor Inspection Program - Operations Phase) is revised to include the operational safeguards response evaluation (OSRE) program.

IMC 2515, Appendix B (Regional Initiative and Reactive Inspection Programs) has been revised to reflect the addition of IP 62003, "Inspection of Steel and Concrete Containments at Nuclear Power Plants," and the deletion IP 93801, "Safety System Functional Inspection (SSFI)," which was moved to Appendix A.

IP 71750 (Plant Support Activities) is revised to reflect changes made to the physical security program as a result of changes made by the revision to IP 81700.

IP 81100 (Operational Safeguards Response Evaluation (OSRE)) is issued to capture a headquarters inspection effort previously performed, but not captured in the NRC Inspection Manual. The new IP formalizes this headquarters inspection effort into an inspection procedure and it is listed in Appendix B of IMC 2515.

IP 81700 (Physical Security Program For Power Reactors) has undergone a major revision to provide better inspection guidance and to address some concerns raised relative to the overall inspection program. The procedure was also revised to be aligned with the requirements of IMC 0610.



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