Change Notice 97-009




  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 2515 04/09/97 IMC 2515 06/23/97
2. IMC 2515, App A 04/09/97 IMC 2515, App A 06/23/97
3. ---- ---- IP 93809 06/23/97
4. TI 2515/109 07/25/96 TI 2515/109 06/23/97

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.


IMC 2515 (Light-Water Reactor Inspection Program - Operations Phase) has been revised to reflect the addition of procedures IP 93801 and IP 93809 into the core program. Either of these procedures can be done in place of IP 37550 (the current core team engineering procedure). The decision of which procedure to use is at the option of the region, and will be based on the periodic Plant Performance Reviews.

IMC 2515, Appendix A (Core Inspection Program Procedures) is revised to reflect the addition of IP 93809, "Safety System Engineering Inspection (SSEI) and IP 93801, "Safety System Functional Inspection." No change in core hours has occurred.

IP 93809 (Safety System Engineering Inspection (SSEI)) is issued to provide an enhancement to the current core inspection program in the engineering functional area. This IP is intended to improve the agency's overall ability to identify various engineering design issues which were identified through several team inspections at several nuclear facilities during CY 1996. Either IP 93809, IP 93801, or the current IP 37550 would be performed every SALP cycle, with no change in the core hours currently allotted.

Funding for contractors to provide technical expertise for team inspection efforts is not currently available in FY 1997. The procedure is issued at this time for regional planning purposes so that funding requests can be made when FY 1998 funding is available.

TI 2515/109, Revision 3 (Inspection Requirements For Generic Letter 89-10, Safety-Related Motor-Operated Valve Testing and Surveillance) is revised to reflect the issuance of GL 96-05, and to extend the expiration date one year.



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