Change Notice 97-006




  Number Date Number Date
1. IP 40001 06/11/96 IP 40001 06/03/97
2. IP 62700 04/30/93 IP 62700 06/03/97
3. ---- ---- 9900 Tech Guidance 06/03/97
4. TI 2515/134 09/26/96 ---- ----

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.


IP 40001 (Resolution of Employee Concerns) has been revised to include the concept that if a licensee has pending harassment, intimidation or discrimination claims pending against it with the Department of Labor (DOL) or NRC's Office of Investigations, the inspection findings should not include "no chilling effect" language concerning the licensee's facility. The same applies to a licensee who has recently been issued a NOV or DOL finding pertaining to harassment, intimidation, or discrimination.

IP 62700 (Maintenance Implementation) is revised to provide guidance to inspector that the maintenance rule (10 CFR 50.65) is inspected in accordance with IP 62707, "Maintenance Observations," and IP 62706, "Maintenance Rule."

9900 Technical Guidance (Operations - Notice of Enforcement Discretion For Gaseous Diffusion Plants) is issued to reflect the latest guidance to the staff in Region III and Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards on how the NRC can exercise enforcement discretion regarding limiting conditions for operation in gaseous diffusion plant technical safety requirements or other certificate conditions.

TI 2515/134 (Licensee On-Shift Dose Assessment Capabilities) is deleted. The TI was issued to ensure all licensees not having on-shift does assessment capability were identified. All information relative to this TI has been obtained and the TI is considered completed.



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