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Change Notice 97-005



  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 0030 10/13/87 IMC 0030 04/30/97
2. IMC 0350 10/19/95 IMC 0350 04/30/97
3. IP 81815 10/08/87 IP 81815 04/30/97
4. IP 81820 10/08/87 IP 81820 04/30/97

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.


IMC 0030 (Policy and Guidance For Development Of NRC Inspection Manual Programs) has been revised to include a definition of "Inspection" and "Audit." Minor administrative updates were also made.

IMC 0350 (Staff Guidelines For Restart Approval) has been revised to incorporate more objective and measurable acceptance criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of licensee's corrective action plans for restart approval and to further emphasize the importance that the restart issues be clearly defined and communicated to the licensee. This revision was made to address the Commission's request by Staff Requirements Memorandum dated June 28, 1996 (ref M960625, item 3 and WITS 9600089).

IP 81815 (Authorization For Access To National Security Information (NSI) and Restricted Data (RD))

IP 81820 (Physical Protection Facility Approval and Safeguarding Of National Security Information (NSI) AND Restricted Data (RD))

These two inspection procedures have been revised to reflect changes made to 10 CFR Parts 25 & 95 in addition to administrative changes made since their issuance in 1987.



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