Change Notice 97-002




  Number Date Number Date
1. IP 40501 12/31/96 IP 40501 02/11/97
2. IP 40750 01/05/95 IP 40750 02/11/97
3. IP 41745 08/07/92 IP 41745 02/11/97
4. IP 87101 12/04/90 IP 87101 02/11/97
5. IP 87250 11/25/88 IP 87250 02/11/97
6. TI 2800/019 05/04/90 ---- ----
7. TI 2800/020 03/11/91 ---- ----

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.


IP 40501 (Licensee Self-Assessments Related to Team Inspections) has been revised to exclude all inspection procedures listed in the Core inspection program (IMC 2515, App A) from the application of licensee self-assessment. Since the Core program is the minimum NRC inspection effort performed at each site, the total effort must be performed by NRC inspection personnel.

IP 40750 (Class II Non-Power Reactors)

IP 41745 (Class I Non-Power Reactor Operator Licenses, Requalifi-cation, and Medical Activities)

These two procedures have been revised to provide guidance for inspectors to check license expiration dates to verify that operator licenses are current.

IP 87101 (Performance Evaluation Factors) has been reviewed for content and current policy. The reference to TI 2800/015 was deleted as the TI has also been deleted. No other change was made.

IP 87250 (Locating Missing Materials Licensees) has been revised to incorporate more implementation guidance and to address how an inspector's efforts should be captured in the RITS Inspection Activities Report.

TI 2800/019 (Well-Logging Inspections) is deleted. Inspection manual 2800 and inspection procedure 87100 has been updated to include the inspection guidance contained in the TI.

TI 2800/020 (Materials Inspections of Licensees in States Which Have Been Denied Access to Low-Level Waste Disposal Facilities) is deleted. The purpose of this TI has been completed. Inspection procedures IP 84900 and IP 87100 have incorporated the guidance from the TI.



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