Change Notice 96-026



  Number Date Number Date
1. ---- ---- IMC 2630 12/30/96
2. ---- ---- TI 2630/001 12/30/96
3. ---- ---- IP 88100 12/30/96
4. ---- ---- IP 88101 12/30/96
5. ---- ---- IP 88102 12/30/96
6. ---- ---- IP 88103 12/30/96
7. ---- ---- IP 88105 12/30/96

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.


IMC 2630 (Gaseous Diffusion Plant Operational Safety and Safeguards Inspection Program) is issued to support the safety and safeguards inspections at the Gaseous Diffusion Plants.

TI 2630/001 (Tracking and Closeout of GDP Compliance Plan Issues) is issued to coordinate the activities of the region and headquarters staff in order to ensure that all CP action items are completed at the Gaseous Diffusion Plants in a technically acceptable and timely manner.

IP 88100 (Plant Operations) is issued to ensure that the certificant's management controls are effective in achieving continued safe operation of the facility.

IP 88101 (Configuration Control) is issued to conduct performance-based reviews focusing on configuration changes involving dominant risk systems and components.

IP 88102 (Surveillance Observations) is issued to ascertain by direct observation whether surveillance of safety significant systems and components are being conducted in accordance with TSRs, NCSE/As, and other requirements.

IP 88103 (Maintenance Observations) is issued to verify that maintenance activities for Q, AQ, and other safety significant structures, systems, and components are being conducted in a manner that results in reliable safe operation of the plant and plant equipment.

IP 88105 (Management Organization and Controls) is issued to provide guidance in inspecting facility organization, procedure controls, internal reviews and audits, safety committees, and quality assurance programs for gaseous diffusion plants.



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