Change Notice 96-020



  Number Date Number Date
1. ---- ---- IMC 0304 09/26/96
2. IMC 2681 11/07/85 IMC 2681 09/26/96
3. ---- ---- IMC 2683 09/26/96
4. ---- ---- TI 2515/134 09/26/96
5. TI 2800/021 12/31/91 ---- ----
6. TI 2800/023 09/30/91 ---- ----
7. ---- ---- 9900 10CFR Guidance 09/26/96

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.


IMC 0304 (Plant Performance Review) is issued to provide guidance for periodically conducting a plant performance review (PPR) of nuclear plants and to provide a standard format for the plant issues matrix and PPR acknowledgement letter that is sent to licensees subsequent to each PPR.

IMC 2681 (Physical Protection and Transport of SNM and Irradiated Fuel Inspections of Fuel Facilities) has been revised to reflect the removal of MC&A related contents. A new up-to-date, IMC 2683 has been prepared for the MC&A safeguards inspections.

IMC 2683 (MC&A Safeguards Inspection of Fuel Facilities) is issued to incorporate revised text, format, and inspection procedures for this inspection program. In addition, the gaseous diffusion plants will be addressed, with IPs, as part of this inspection program.

TI 2515/134 (Licensee On-Shift Dose Assessment Capabilities) is issued to gather information on the licensee's capabilities to perform assessments on-shift using real-time effluent monitor and meteorological data in order to identify licensees who do not have on-shift dose assessment capability.

TI 2800/021 (Revised Inspection Effort for Certain Community Hospitals and Teletherapy Licensees) is deleted. The inspection effort identified in the TI has been completed.

TI 2800/023 (Departures From Radiopharmaceutical Package Inserts) is deleted. The inspection effort identified in the TI has been completed.

9900 10 CFR Guidance (Definition of Leak-Before-Break Analysis and Its Application to Plant Piping Systems) is issued to provide guidance on the definition of Leak-Before-Break analysis and its application for the evaluation of nuclear power plant piping systems.



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