Change Notice 96-019

  Number Date Number Date
1. IP 87100, App E 01/05/95 ---- ----
2. ---- ---- IP 87110 09/09/96
3. TI 2515/097, Rev. 1 09/22/89 ---- ----

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.


IP 87100, Appendix E (Industrial/Academic/Research Inspection Field Notes) is deleted. This document has been replaced by IP 87110, "Industrial/Academic/Research Programs."

IP 87110 (Industrial/Academic/Research Programs) is issued to provide a comprehensive inspection program for materials inspections of industrial, academic, and research licensees. IP 87110 replaces the guidance in IP 87100, Appendix E for these licensees, and centralizes the inspection guidance for industrial, academic, and research licensees. A set of "field notes" is provided as an appendix to this procedure for inspectors to use to document these types of materials inspections.

TI 2515/097, Revision 1 (Maintenance Inspection) is deleted. Inspection requirements identified in this TI have been completed.



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