Change Notice 96-016



  Number Date Number Date
1. ---- ---- IP 87104 07/25/96
2. ---- ---- IP 88104 07/25/96
3. IP 93801 07/23/90 IP 93801 07/25/96
4. TI 2515/076 03/27/86 ---- ----
5. TI 2515/085 04/06/87 ---- ----
6. TI 2515/109, Rev. 1 06/14/93 TI 2515/109, Rev. 2 07/25/96

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.


IP 87104 (Decommissioning Inspection Procedure For Material Licensees)

IP 88104 (Decommissioning Inspection Procedure For Fuel Cycle Facilities)

These two inspection procedures are issued by NMSS to provide detailed guidance for facilities undergoing decommissioning. General inspection policy and guidance for decommissioning facilities are provided in Manual Chapter 2602, "Decommissioning Inspection Program for Fuel Cycle Facilities and Materials Licensees."

IP 93801 (Safety System Functional Inspection (SSFI) is revised to update the procedure based on information gained in performing the inspection procedure to date, and to incorporate PRA insights. It is expected that this procedure will be used as the basis for performing EDO directed design inspections.

TI 2515/076 (Evaluation of Licensee's Program For Qualification of Electrical Equipment Located in Harsh Environments)

TI 2515/085 (Inspection of Licensee's Actions Taken to Implement Unresolved Safety Issue A-7: Mark I Containment Long-Term Program)

The TIs listed above are deleted from the NRC Inspection Manual. The inspection requirements for these TIs have been realized, and no further inspection effort is required.

TI 2515/109 (Inspection Requirements For Generic Letter 98-10, "Safety-Related Motor-Operated Valve Testing and Surveillance") is revised (Revision 2) to include guidance for close-out inspections of GL 89-10 programs as a new Part 3 of the TI and to include guidance for evaluating changes to the scope of the GL 89-10 programs.



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