Change Notice 96-013

  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 2600 03/23/90 IMC 2600 04/08/96
2. IP 38703 09/22/89 IP 38703 04/08/96
3. IP 88050 05/23/84 IP 88050 04/08/96
4. TI 2515/112 05/31/91 ---- ----
TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for documents issued with this change notice.

IMC 2600 (Fuel Cycle Facility Operational Safety and Safeguards Inspection Program) is revised to reflect changes in the NRC fuel facility inspection program. These include the addition of the Chemical Safety and Nuclear Criticality Safety inspection programs at headquarters, the incorporation of the Material Control and Accounting inspection program at headquarters, the severance of decommissioning inspections from the chapter in favor of a separate manual chapter, the additional regulatory responsibility for the gaseous diffusion facilities and general updating of references.

IP 38703 (Commercial Grade Dedication) has been revised to be consistent with the recently issued revision to 10 CFR Part 21. The revision addressed requirements and definition of terms.

IP 88050 Emergency Preparedness) has been revised to incorporate recommendations of "Lessons Learned Review of the Sequoyah Fuels Event of November 17, 1992," per the Bernero-Jordan memo to Taylor, dated October 27, 1994. Direct inspection time of the IP should remain unchanged.

TI 2515/112 ((Licensee Evaluations of Changes to the Environs Around Licensed Reactor Facilities) is deleted. The inspection require- ments of this TI have been completed. A close-out memorandum was written September 5, 1995, from Scott Newberry, PDLR, to Frank Miraglia, DONRR.



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