Change Notice 96-009

  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 2515, App B 03/15/96 IMC 2515, App B 04/22/96
2. ---- ---- IP 62707 04/22/96
TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for documents issued with this change notice.

IP 62707 Maintenance Observation) training will be provided by the Quality Assurance and Maintenance Branch (HQMB), NRR. This training will cover the use of IP 62707, and IP 62706, "Maintenance Rule Inspection Procedure." It will be provided to resident and region based inspectors, NRR inspectors, technical staff, region and NRR supervisors and managers. HQMB has developed and is giving a one hour overview course which is intended for technical staff, a one day course which is intended for all inspectors, and a three day comprehensive course intended for inspectors who will be performing the baseline inspections using IP 62706.



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