Change Notice 96-005

Number Date Number Date
IMC 0102 06/28/91 IMC 0102 03/15/96
IMC 0215 06/01/86 ---- ----
IMC 0215 02/16/96 IMC 0215 03/15/96
IMC 2515, App A 09/06/95 IMC 2515, App A 03/15/96
IMC 2515, App B 01/18/96 IMC 2515, App B 03/15/96
---- ---- TI 2515/133 03/15/96
TRAINING: TI 2515/133 training was given by a contractor in 2/96 to qualified inspectors in all regions. This was special training for inspectors prior to the rule implementation. TTD course H-308 is being revised to include training for the new regulations.

IMC 0102 (Oversight and Objectivity of Inspectors and Examiners at Reactor Facilities) has been revised to incorporate guidance for assessing inspector objectivity (previously contained in IMC 0215), and to reflect organizational changes in the regions that have occurred since the last revision.

IMC 2515 (Light-Water Reactor Inspection Program - Operations Phase) has been revised to provide policy addressing an inspector's receipt and review of licensee information, regarding the policy position that such receipt and review does not constitute formal NRC notification.

IMC 2515, Appendix A (Core Inspection Program Procedures) has been revised to reflect a change in frequency for IP 71001. The frequency was change from once a SALP cycle to once every two years.

IMC 2515, Appendix B (Regional Initiative and Reactive Inspection Program Procedures) has been revised to include five procedures related to Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation that were issued by CN 96-003.

TI 2515/133 (Implementation of Revised 49 CFR Parts 100-179 and 10 CFR Part 71) is being issued to evaluate power reactor transportation programs for implementing revised DOT and NRC transportation regulations involving radioactive material shipments. These revisions to the regulations will become effective April 1996, and represent major changes to the governing regulations.

These temporary instructions are deleted. The expiration date for these TIs has been reached, and their inspection objectives have been completed.



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