Change Notice 96-004

  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 0610 01/14/91 IMC 0610 02/02/96
2. IMC 2515 09/06/95 IMC 2515 02/12/96
3. IP 61726 03/17/95 IP 61726 02/12/96
4. IP 71707 03/17/95 IP 71707 02/12/96
TRAINING: IMC 0610 (Inspection Reports). PIPB will provide combination and workshop-style training, including: (1) choosing an appropriate level of detail, (2) integration of findings and conclusions, (3) standardized report organization, and (4) flexibility in applying concepts. An accompanying course will also be provided for supervisors.

MC 0610 (Inspection Reports) has been totally revised to reflect the current policy and standard for preparing and writing inspection reports.

IMC 2515 (Light-Water Inspection Program - Operations Phase) has been revised to include the latest policy regarding site coverage during inspector counterpart meetings.

IP 71707 (Plant Operations) has been revised to inform resident inspectors of the potential for inadvertently bypassing shutdown cooling flow from the core in Boiling Water Reactors. This change will enhance the current guidance provided for monitoring plant indications during the shutdown mode of operation.

IP 61726 (Surveillance Observations) has been revised to incorporate recommendations of the South Texas Project Task Force to enhance inspection guidance on: (1) questioning the adequacy of surveillance tests to demonstrate system function under design basis conditions and (2) verifying the adequacy of equipment tagging.

These temporary instructions are deleted. The expiration date for these TIs has been reached, and their inspection objectives have been completed.



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