Change Notice 95-013

Issued: 09/27/1995



  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 0040 08/30/91 IMC 0040 09/27/95
2. IMC 0302 11/19/91 IMC 0302 09/27/95
3. ---- ---- IP 52001 09/27/95
4. ---- ---- IP 52002 09/27/95
5. TI 2515/066 12/17/84 ---- ----
6. TI 2515/090 04/06/87 ---- ----


No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.

IP 52001 & IP 52002 - The TTD has established a Digital I&C Working Group (DICWG) to assist in a course development. The DICWG has identified a core of commercially available foundation courses to bring the region-based inspectors to an acceptable level of knowledge, if required. In addition, the DICWG is developing a Regulatory Perspectives Workshop, to include digital references and standards, regulatory policy, inspection planning, inspection report preparation, and recent plant experiences and lessons learned. The workshop is projected as an annual effort of about three days with the potential development into a formal training course. The first workshop is scheduled for mid-November. A shorter seminar to acquaint resident inspectors with digital issues and regulatory perspectives is planned as part of resident inspector counterpart meetings.


IMC 0040 (Preparing, Revising and Issuing Documents For the NRC Inspection Manual) is revised to reflect the preparation of documents using Wordperfect, organization changes that have occurred since 8/91, to require closeout reports for temporary instructions, and to reflect the current policy being used for the issuance of inspection program documents.

IMC 0302 (Inspection Program Evaluation Activities) is revised to reflect the current process used by NRR to evaluate the effectiveness and implementation of the operating reactor inspection program.

IP 52001 (Digital Retrofits Receiving Prior Approval)

IP 52002 (Digital Retrofits Not Receiving Prior Approval)

These procedures are issued to address the computer based designs being used to encompass more plant and instrumentation control functions. Software presents a unique problem in that software failures do not follow the traditional failure profiles. Review of the development process, in addition to an inspection of the end result of that development process, is necessary to ensure that the software being used will perform the intended function.

TI 2515/066 (Inspection Requirements for IE Bulletin 84-03, "Refueling Cavity Water Seals") is deleted. The inspection requirements for this TI have been completed.

TI 2515/090 (Inspection of Licensee's Implementation of Multiplant Action Item B-58, "Scram Discharge Volume Capability") is deleted. The inspection requirements for this TI have been completed.



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