Change Notice 95-010

  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 0312 12/31/91 IMC 0312 08/28/95
2. IMC 2512, App I 09/30/94 IMC 2515, App I 08/28/95
3. IP 40500 10/03/94 IP 40500 08/28/95
4. IP 71001 03/07/94 IP 71001 08/28/95

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.

REMARKS: IMC 0312 (Technical Assistance For Radiation Safety Inspections at Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities and Materials Licensees' Sites) is revised to provide more detailed instructions related to fee recovery of contract costs.

IMC 2512, Appendix I (LWR - Construction Phase Inspection Procedures) is revised to remove referenced inspection procedures that have been deleted since the last revision to this appendix.

IP 40500 (Effectiveness of Licensee Controls in Identifying, Resolving, and Preventing Problems) is revised to reflect the current NRC policy in referencing INPO communications in inspection reports as stated in EDO Field Policy Manual, No. 9, "NRC Review of INPO Documents," dated 12/20/94.

IP 71001 (Licensed Operator Requalification Program Evaluation) is revised to save resources by aligning the IP with the facility licensee's 24-month requalification cycle instead of their SALP cycle.



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