Change Notice 95-009




  Number Date Number Date
1. IMC 1301 12/29/92 IMC 1301 07/27/95
2. ---- ---- IMC 1303 07/27/95
3. IP 60705 05/22/86 IP 60705 07/27/95
4. IP 60710 08/23/85 IP 60710 07/27/95
5. IP 73756 03/16/87 IP 73756 07/27/95
6. 9900 Tech Guidance 04/01/78 ---- ----

STS Sec 6.2.2.d

TRAINING: No special training requirements have been identified for any documents issued with this change notice.

REMARKS: IMC 1301 (Response to Radioactive Material Incidents That Do Not Require Activation on the NRC Incident Response Plan) is revised to reflect revisions to the Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan concerning which agency has the lead for the Federal response. Guidance for requesting assistance from the Department of Energy was added also.

IMC 1303 (Requesting Emergency Acceptance of Radioactive Material by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)) is issued to establish procedures for requesting emergency assistance from DOE in retrieving and storing inadequately controlled radioactive material licensed by NRC or an Agreement State.

IP 60705 (Preparation for Refueling)

IP 60710 (Refueling Activities)

These two procedures are revised to incorporate lessons learned from recent events involving refueling activities. Specifically, the guidance has been clarified to focus assessments on factors that may influence human performance during refueling activities. Some editorial changes have also been made for clarification.

IP 73756 (Inservice Testing of Pumps and Valves) is revised to incorporate elements of TI 2515/110, "Performance of Safety Related Check Valves," and TI 2515/114, "Inspection Requirements for Generic Letter 89-04, 'Acceptable Inservice Testing Programs.'"

9900 Technical Guidance (STS 6.2.2.d, Individuals Qualified in Radiation Protection Procedures) has been deleted. The guidance provided in this section has been captured in HPPOS #021.



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