NRC Form 536 – Operator Licensing Examination Data

Form Number: NRC Form 536
Form Title: Operator Licensing Examination Data
Current Edition: 01/16/2024
Authority Directive or Regulation: N/A
Form Status: Approved by OMB: 3150-0131, Expires: 01/31/2027
Special Instructions:

The plant-specific information that is needed by the NRC for resource planning purposes is identified in Attachment 1 of the annual NRC Regulatory Issue Summary (RIS), "Preparation and Scheduling of Operator Licensing Examinations":

  1. Proposed Examination Preparation Schedule:
    Estimate the number of examinations you intend to prepare and estimate the number of examinations you will request the NRC to prepare during calendar years requested in the current RIS. For examinations that are prepared by facility licensees, the NRC will assume that each examination includes the required outline, written examination(s), and operating test(s), unless otherwise specified (shared examination development is permitted and should be coordinated with the appropriate NRC regional office).
  2. Initial Operator License Examinations:
    For each desired examination, estimate the number of applicants to be tested and enter the proposed primary and alternate dates of examination. If you are requesting more than one examination per calendar year, split the applicable column or use additional forms, as necessary, to cover all the examinations through requested calendar years.
  3. Proposed Generic Fundamental Examination Schedule:
    Estimate the number of applicants who plan to take the GFE in requested calendar years.

For questions please contact: Angela Baxter (301) 415-1065 or
Operator Licensing Assistant
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