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June 19, 2002

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United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
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SUBJECT: Potential Performance Problem with Certain Pump Kits used in ASCO General
Controls NH95 Actuators


We enclose information relating to certain Pump replacement kits used in ASCO General Controls Hydramotor actuators. As you will see from the enclosed materials, there is a possibility of a performance problem with certain of these kits, which may affect the operation of the Hy- dramotor actuators. ASCO was alerted to this potential problem upon examination of pump kits, recently returned to ASCO, which had apparently failed during post installation tests at Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant, Clinton Nuclear Power Plant and Framatome ANP.

Although the condition described in the attachment would present itself immediately upon testing, it is conceivable there are Hydramotors which were rebuilt in the field arid returned to service without being tested, and could, therefore, be exhibiting excessive recycling.

We believe that a typical application of these Hydramotor Actuators is to control ventilation dampers. However, ASCO does not have adequate knowledge of the actual installation and operating conditions of these actuators to determine whether excessive recycling could create a "substantial safety hazard" as defined in 10CFR21.3. We are likewise unable to conduct the actual installation/operational evaluation necessary to make such a determination. Nevertheless, we furnish this information to keep you apprised of our internal investigation.

We anticipate completing our investigation during the week beginning July 15, 2002, and will provide you the results at that time. In the meantime, we are in the process of identifying purchasers of affected pump kits so that we are prepared should our findings indicate a field notification is warranted.

Should you wish to discuss this further, or obtain any additional information, please let us know. Should any additional information become available we will forward it to you.

Very truly yours,

Clark Hale
President ASCO Valve - Domestic


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