Part 21 Report - 2001-250



Niagara Mohawk
Richard B. Abbott
Vice President
Nuclear Engineering
Phone: 315.349.1912
Fax: 315.349.4417

August 8, 2001
NMP1L 1605

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Attn: Document Control Desk
Washington, DC 20555


Nine Mile Point Unit 1
Docket No.50-220
DPR -63


Subject: 10CFR21 Report - Loose Mounting Screw on Terminal Block


Pursuant to 10CFR21, Reporting of Defects and Noncompliance, Niagara Mohawk is submitting the attached report. On July 19, 2001, as required by 10CFR21.21(d)(3)(i), Niagara Mohawk notified the Commission of the issue described in this report, by telephone and facsimile. This report is being provided in accordance with the requirements of 10CFR21.21(d)(3)(ii) and 10CFR21.21(d)(4).

     Very truly yours,

Richard B. Abbott
Vice President Nuclear Engineering



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